olive groves

Patrizia will guide you on a walk in our olive groves from where our extra-virgin olive oils are produced explaining the productive cycle of the olive trees: how olives are picked and pressed to be made into the marvellous intensive, green colour liquid that is one of the essential elements of Tuscan cooking.
She will lead you to the lunch table, offering dishes particularly studied to exalt the ample aroma and elegant taste of different varieties of our extra virgin oils. You will taste the prize winning Correggiolo Bronze Medal Award in the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition and also the Moraiolo and Leccino mentioned in the 2010 Floss Oil guide of the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.
You will learn how to use extra virgin oils in the simplest dishes from the Tuscan tradition. This is all because of its irresistibile quality that only our hills have to offer. The soil, the climate, the geographic hilly terrain, all cause perfect conditions making Tuscan oil the finest in the world, as well as in Italy. It is a true treasure of our country-side, and the long, antique traditions of our family know-how can never be underestimated.